Culture at Prydan Software

Prydan Software comprises of a team of Young employees who want to achieve many milestones whilst maintaining the quality of work. Transparency, creativity, individual freedom and strong team rapport are main features of work culture at Prydan Software

At Prydan Software we nurture the work environment that encourages the employees to pour in their talent and churn out innovative IT solutions for the clients. Thereby creating a win-win relationship with everyone associated with us be it customers or, be it employees.

We also want to be leaders with strength in developing software and business applications and to build an organization that's admired and respected for its values and vision.

About Prydan Software

Agility and Excellence are the two words describing us best. Our strong practice of Agile and Expertise in all technologies helps our clients save significant cost on app and web development

We are a web and app development company with expert engineers, programmers, coders, architects, and consultants. Our Developers have strong experience in development and Agile. Our founder Amit Kumar is Agile Coach with 14 years of experience in software development and project delivery.

We have made high performance our speciality and fully dedicate ourselves to achieve excellence in all technologies.


Learning, growth and work-life balance are foundation blocks of work culture at Prydan Software

Flexible timing

Great recreational facilities

Work from home

Accelerate career

Learning and Growing

leaves benefits for life events

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