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Libraries and tools you should consider for your next React Native app – State Management

Introduction Continuing our series of episodes (posts) on leveraging the eco-system of React Native to build the mobile application we are discussing in this article statement management aspects. In this article, We will present multiple state-of-the-art state management libraries. What is State? Before we dig more into state details lets first understand what is a […]

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Libraries and tools you should consider for your next React Native app

Introduction React Native is more than a simple framework for developing a cross-platform mobile application. It is actually a full eco-system for your mobile application development project backed by a very big and happening community. The big advantage of this is there are multiple useful libraries and tools are available to increase your productivity and […]

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Which Node.js Framework you should choose in 2020?

Introduction As a plethora of frameworks available in market on top of node.js for making life better for developers. Which Node.js framework you should choose in 2020? Node.js was written initially by Ryan Dahl in 2009. Initially, javascript was mainly used for the front-end coding. Node.js made it possible to use javascript for back-end programming as well […]

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React Native or Flutter, Which one is good for your mobile app?

If you are planning your next mobile app development project you should consider using a cross-platform framework over the native app development. However, In 2020, you have two options to choose for developing a cross-platform mobile app namely React Native and Flutter. React Native or Flutter, Which one is good for your mobile app? As […]

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Benefits of Hiring Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developer is the software engineer who can work on all the part of the project including back-end, front-end but not limited to that. This is kind of generalize profile where in engineer can pick up any task required to complete the project. In this article we are going discuss the benefits of hiring Full-Stack developer. […]

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Freelancer Vs Development Company

Hiring freelancer Vs Web Development Company is the most serious question you have. Both of the approach has their own pros and cons. Let’s discuss both of these approach individually and then do comparative analysis so that you can yourself decide which is best for you. Hire Freelance Web Developer Hiring freelance web developers is […]

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Build MVP Within 3 Months

When you are sure that your idea can solve real life problem you are good to go. Next thing is you should have identified your problem and target audience, you must develop a minimum viable product that allows you to measure your customers’ responses, learn, and iterate quickly. We at Prydan Software are expert building […]

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Cost to Hire React Native Developer

React Native is great choice to Save app Development Cost If you have already identified React Native for your app development than I would like to to say you have made indeed right choice. React Native is great for developing mobile app for the various reason like single code base for both android and iOS […]

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Cross Functional Team

Members of cross-functional teams come with a diversity of experience, expertise, and knowledge. Cross Functional team of UI/UX Designer, Full Stack Developer, React Native Developers, Scrum Master, QA, Developers, Front-End Developers and Agile Coach at @Prydan Software can make a big difference in your project. Our expertise in Agile and Lean Management  has been powered […]

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