React Native or Flutter, Which one is good for your mobile app?

If you are planning your next mobile app development project you should consider using a cross-platform framework over the native app development. However, In 2020, you have two options to choose for developing a cross-platform mobile app namely React Native and Flutter. React Native or Flutter, Which one is good for your mobile app? As you know there is no right choice or there is no straight answer to this question. However, you should key differences between two React Native and Flutter so that you can choose one which best fits your project and budget. Here is a quick comparison between React Native and Flutter.

Before we start comparison let’s have a quick look at both of the frameworks first.

React Native

React Native is the JavaScript Based framework developed by Facebook for creating a corss-platform mobile app. It’s based on React which is nothing but the javascript library developed by Facebook. It is open-source and supported by a strong community of developers. The application developed on React Native runs smoothly on both Android and iOS mobiles.


Flutter is an app SDK for building high-performance, high-fidelity apps for iOS, Android, web (beta), and desktop (technical preview) from a single codebase. Flutter uses Dart as a programming language and developed by Google. Flutter is also open-source and can be used to create cross-platform mobile apps.

Here is the quick comparison.

FlutterReact Native
Initial Release Flutter’s first Preview released in 2017 It was initially released in 2015
The Language Stack Flutter is an open-source mobile application framework that works on a completely different programming language called Dart React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript.
Performance Flutter has the advantage of Dart and there is no JavaScript bridge for initiating interactions with the device native components, the speed of development and running time gets accelerate drastically. React Native isn’t compiled to native code, and it still has the JavaScript layer, making it less performant than Flutter
Community Support As the Flutter is still new compare to React Native community is growing but still not reach the level of the current React Native community. Considering that React Native was launched much earlier than Flutter, it can be expected to have a vast online community offering support.
Documentation Support Flutter has very good and comprehensive documentation support. React Native is documentation is not that great compare to Flutter
UI Consistency Flutter is more acceptable for rendering identical UI designs for the two popular mobile platforms – iOS and Android


Considering the current scenario Flutter is still new and React Native is already proven framework. If you are ready for little risk than you can go with Flutter and expect much more advancement in the future. However, if you want to play safe go for React Native.