Do you need custom software?

Most likely yes becuase every business is unique and need to innovate the unique way to solve business problems. Custom software help you to solve your business problem more effectively and give you edge on competition. Obviously, off-the-self software may not fit with your way to doing business many times, no worries let's develope a custom software for you that exactly solve your own unique business problem perfectly. Leverage our decades of experience in crafting bespoke software solution for businesses. Which is user friendly, save you operational cost, scale with your business and secure.

As Custom Software Development Company our Offerings

Application Development Services

Bespoke software solution for your business that made just for your group of user and solve your specific business problems.

System Integration

We can help you speak your different software componants with each other. We integrate you softwares and make efficient use of knowledge and data just in real time.

Dashboards, ETL, and BI Services

Get more insights from your data and make informed decision powered by facts.

Legacy Modernization & Application Migration

We help you modernize your outdated software to the latest one.

Big Data Application

We help you optimize and analyse large and rapidly growing volume of data and information. So that you can make timely and accurate decisions.

SaaS Applications Development Services

We help you build commerical SaaS based application.


Do you have more questions?

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Custom software development is the process of engieering and building software solution for your specific business need.
Cost of building custom software development varies a lot based on number of parameters like technology, user group and complexity of problems. Typically it starts with just $1,000 to to $100,000 to give high level idea.

Honestly, this doesn't give you any ideal. Let us give you some specifi example. We have recently develop invoicing software for one of our client for just $1000. It was just desktop based application and print invoice and keep record of invoice. Generate few reports like sales by month and customer. We completed this project with only one developer in 2 week. On otherhand, we have developed a custom software for Petro Chemical Company which do lot of thing in differnt departms like HR, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Purchase. We integrate our solution with SAP ERP and develop couple of mobile apps. The cost of whole solution was around 4 million dollar. We deployed around 150 expert and they worked for 4 years.

Obviously, like any other profession its matter of skill, expertise and experience. We have decades of experience in doing same thing and we are open to take expert advice as and when required.

This is both art and science. We follow best practice like persona design, customer journey, touch points, UI Design, prototyping, and development, testing and deployment. We love agile methodoloy and practice it a lot.
Again, there is no single fit for every need and requirment.