How to Hire Web Developers from India In 2020?


If you are working on any kind of software development project which requires web development you should be carefully evaluate the option of hiring web developers from India. But therein lies much of the challenge  of How to Hire Web Developers from India in 2020 that is right for you. This guide offers the best insight on how to find the best web developers for your project online.

In this guide, We’ll walk through everything you need to know about hiring web developer from India.

In this guide, you’ll find answers to a load of hot questions, including:

  • Why should you hiring Indian Developers?
  • What will be cost of hiring web developers from India?
  • What is best for you, Freelance Web Developer and Web Development Company?
  • How should you choose the best freelancer?
  • How can you choose the best web development agency?

Alright, let’s have a look at all the different concerns and questions and find out which ones match with your desired project and business goals!

Why should you Hire Web Developer from India?

India is the best destination for hiring software engineers and IT experts since decades.

India is leading outsourcing revolution. Most of the IT companies has their office in India or outsourcing to India. This is because of many reason. The main reason is expertise, cost and population.

With 1.35 billion of population India has plenty of manpower and this gives boost for fair competition in talent market. You always has more options to choose from. Also cost of living in India is very low compare to European and American Countries. This is the main reason for lower cost for Hiring Developers in India. Average cost of hiring experienced developer in India from tier two cities like Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Indore, Baroda falls in range of $10 to $20 which is far cheaper than any other country in the world including Ukraine.

Many of the schools and Institute in India offers Computer Engineering courses. These brings 1.5 million engineers year after year to IT industry with latest development in technology and trends.

In Summary, by Hiring Web Developers from India you will save significant cost.

What should I choose Freelancer or Web Development Company?

Hiring freelancer or Web Development Company is the most serious question you have. Both of the approach has their own pros and cons. Let’s discuss both of these approach individually and then do comparative analysis so that you can yourself decide which is best for you.

Hire Freelance Web Developer

Hiring freelance web developers is becoming easy day by day. You have many online plate-forms like Upwork, Feelancer, Fivver to source freelancer for your project.

There are 7 Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelancer as mentioned below as suggested here by Dakota Shane.

Pros of Hiring Freelancer

  1. Price : Lowest price is the number one advantage. This is again half to one third of what company charges for the same work.
  2. Lower Financial Risk: Most of the time you hire freelancer only when you need them unlike your full time employee. In your down time you need not to think of paying them as you don’t have any obligation.
  3. Freelancing Platforms Make Hiring Freelancers Easier Than Ever. Online portals like Upwork, freelancer and plenty more of them have made the process speedy and more effective. They stream line process of hiring freelancer. Reviews are available for each profile.

Cons of Hiring Freelancer

There are some cons as well. Everything has its own side effect and below are some of the disadvantage of hiring freelancer.

  1. Lack of Supervision. Most of the freelance work is done in remote and you don’t have much of the idea on what is going behind the scene. Without supervision, immediate motivation often takes a backseat to leisure.
  2. They Could Disappear: Reliability is questioned most of the time for freelancer. Most of the time it has been observed that freelancer simply disappear for whatever reason. Might be they find another more paying job or simply because they have over committed to you.
  3. Unpredictable Quality of Work. Usually time spent on hiring freelancer is much less than hiring full-time employee for permanent position. This can have serious effect on the quality of the work and service they render. Yes you have option to change freelancer but by that time your project would have already suffered.
  4. Lower Investment in the Company. Almost all freelancers are juggling multiple projects at once, so their loyalty to your brand is probably lower than a full-time employee who’s sporting company tshirts, stickers and other gaudy swag.
  5. Lack of Ability to Train a Freelancer . By not having the ability to properly train and onboard a freelancer, they may be missing out on crucial details which may be seen as second nature to a full-time employee. 

Hire Web Development Company

Remote work is new norm

Now a days when remote work is new norm. If you are business owner and looking for programmers to join your team or work on your project you should consider the option of remote work. In most of the project option to hire remote developer is right and in fact best option. In this guide, we would go in details of How to Hire Web Developers India In 2020 and try to provide you insights into the benefits, pros and cons, process, tips and techniques and much more that help you make better decisions.

Remote Developers

The first decision you should make is whether it is must for developer in work from your office or not. The having developer to work from your office may be required if you want them to work on particular machine which is not accessible over the internet from developer’s laptop. But this is not the case most of the time. Most of the developers really need only one laptop and good internet connection to work on your software development project. This is sufficient for the web developer to complete their task given latest development on the cloud and communication technologies. Now a days many of the companies are fully remote companies you must be aware of. They don’t have any offices at at all.