Freelancer Vs Development Company

Hiring freelancer Vs Web Development Company is the most serious question you have. Both of the approach has their own pros and cons. Let’s discuss both of these approach individually and then do comparative analysis so that you can yourself decide which is best for you.

Hire Freelance Web Developer

Hiring freelance web developers is becoming easy day by day. You have many online plate-forms like Upwork, Feelancer, Fivver to source freelancer for your project.

There are 7 Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelancer as mentioned below as suggested here by Dakota Shane.

Pros of Hiring Freelancer

  1. Price : Lowest price is the number one advantage. This is again half to one third of what company charges for the same work.
  2. Lower Financial Risk: Most of the time you hire freelancer only when you need them unlike your full time employee. In your down time you need not to think of paying them as you don’t have any obligation.
  3. Freelancing Platforms Make Hiring Freelancers Easier Than Ever. Online portals like Upwork, freelancer and plenty more of them have made the process speedy and more effective. They stream line process of hiring freelancer. Reviews are available for each profile.

Cons of Hiring Freelancer

There are some cons as well. Everything has its own side effect and below are some of the disadvantage of hiring freelancer.

  1. Risk: They can personally decide which projects to work on, and the number of these projects at once can be huge. You never know when a freelancer can decide to say “Goodbye”. Or just leave without saying anything at all.
  2. Lack of Supervision. Most of the freelance work is done in remote and you don’t have much of the idea on what is going behind the scene. Without supervision, immediate motivation often takes a backseat to leisure.
  3. They Could Disappear: Reliability is questioned most of the time for freelancer. Most of the time it has been observed that freelancer simply disappear for whatever reason. Might be they find another more paying job or simply because they have over committed to you.
  4. Unpredictable Quality of Work. Freelancers are mostly interested in their own profit and success, not in yours. Usually time spent on hiring freelancer is much less than hiring full-time employee for permanent position. This can have serious effect on the quality of the work and service they render. Yes you have option to change freelancer but by that time your project would have already suffered.
  5. Lower Investment in the Company. Almost all freelancers are juggling multiple projects at once, so their loyalty to your brand is probably lower than a full-time employee who’s sporting company tshirts, stickers and other gaudy swag.
  6. Lack of Ability to Train a Freelancer . By not having the ability to properly train and onboard a freelancer, they may be missing out on crucial details which may be seen as second nature to a full-time employee. 

Hire Web Development Company

Definitely working with Web Development company has also their own pros and cons.

Pros of Hiring Company

Advantage are list below.

  1. Reliable long-term cooperation: Mostly of the companies are interested in long term relationship with client and wanted to become their trusted partner. This is good for both client and company. Company usually stay in business for long term. Unlike freelancer, you can expect more professionalism from company.
  2. Full team of professionals: This is the main difference between freelancer and Company. Freelancer focus on more narrow skill sets while company offer you full range of skill sets. They can usually employ multiple people with cross skill sets. Most of the relevant skills are available in a one single company.
  3. Seamless management : Most of the companies are headed by Professional and experience people who are easy to communicate and deal with.
  4. Stability : Each Company is a legal entity and backed by real people. They are answerable in courts. Their undertaking is much more valuable than individual freelancer.
  5. Support questions: Most of the companies offer you after sales support at reasonable.
  6. Companies have a brand to protect : Unlike freelancer Companies care much about their own Brand and reputation. They are more scared about negative review and customer complains than freelancer.
  7. Latest Tools and Technologies: Companies are more prone to use the latest available tools
  8. Deadlines: Companies respect deadlines more diligently unlike freelancer. Because usually try to protect their brand in the market. Also they have a logical fear of failure, since it could endanger their contracts, reputation and, subsequently, trustworthy relation with clients. Therefore, they are doing their best to meet the deadline. Any unforeseen obstacles can be avoided, a sick employee can be replaced by another, there are senior developers ready to provide assistance anytime, so you basically feel a solid backing. If a freelancer faces any troubles, your project could suffer from this.

Cons of Hiring Company

The most important disadvantage of hiring companies.

  1. High Price: Usually, companies charge you more price than freelancers or any individual developers. If you have very tight budget and running out of cash than hiring company is not advisable.


Considering all this what is your view on Hiring Freelancer Vs Web Development Company. Now you can choose best option which is right for your project requirement and business need.

Obviously, Hiring Web Development Company is best choice if you want good quality work and long term gain. If you are only focusing on lower price and short term gain than you can hire Freelancer.