Build MVP Within 3 Months

When you are sure that your idea can solve real life problem you are good to go. Next thing is you should have identified your problem and target audience, you must develop a minimum viable product that allows you to measure your customers’ responses, learn, and iterate quickly.

We at Prydan Software are expert building MVP. We build MVP within 3 months.

Our expertise in product development is unparalleled. Any product development requires multiple skills and disciplined approach. We are fast, efficient and cost effective and provide all the services under one roof.

Agile Mindset

We follow lean product development approach.   Our founder and CEO Amit Kumar Trivedi has 15 years of experience and has worked with multiple star-ups to realize their product from idea. He is expert in Agile and Lean Software Development and played multiple roles like scrum master, product owner, agile coach and engineer.

His experience working with multiple start-ups and entrepreneurs increase gave him strong exposure to the pain and challenges a typical start-ups faces in their early stages. He is certified Scrum Master from Agile Alliance and also certified by Scaled Agile Framework.

Cross Functional Team

Prydan has team of cross functional experts who are specialized in different areas.

UI/ UX designers

Our team has experience UI/ UX designers who can quickly designs wireframes for you and design User interface for your products. WE can build a prototype for your project in less 2 weeks of record time.

App Developers

Also we have team of expert engineers highly expert in web and mobile application development. They know end to end development and expert in different technologies. Most of the product development requires skills for building Mobile Application. Mobile application development requires iOS Developers, Android developers. However,  new trend is to develop mobile application using react Native which help you build your app for both the platform namely iOS and Android with same code base. Prydan Software has made react native their specialty and our React Native developer can build high quality mobile apps very fast.

Web Developer

You will also need Node JS or Laravel developer for building your backend API and deploy them on cloud server like AWS or Azure.

Product require Admin Panel which can be build using Laravel, Node JS and Front End technologies like React JS or Angular JS.


You would also need few of the QA expert to test your application.

Scrum Masters or Project Manager

Scrum Master keep the moment of team and make sure that team is fully productive. He try to improve the velocity and makes sure that everyone is working in their full potential. He arrange scrum ceremonies like Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Planning, Sprint Retrospective and Sprint Review.

Some time people also use Project Manager he make sure that scope, schedule, quality and cost goals are achieved as per plan.

Identifying this much people along and managing them is challenging them.  We at Prydan Software are expert  in this area and happy to extend our services of product development to you. As our development center is located in Tier 2 city of India, Ahmedabad utilizing us will give you significant cost advantage as well.

Cost and Price

Price is our USP. We are able to offer reasonable prices to our clients since our development is located in India. Typically our development center is located in Ahmedabad city which is the Tier-2 city in India. Our prices vary from $15 – $35 per hour for roles ranging from designers, developer to architect in various technologies. We help you balance features, timeline and cost so that you can get maximum return on your ROI.

Build MVP in Three Months

We have build many MVPs in just three months.  Yes just three months. Right from Idea discussion workshop of brainstorming to application on app-store, we liaise with our client. And as any typical project each project comes with different kind of technical as well as operational challenges but proud that we never let it dominate or impact the speed and cost of product we have undertaken.

Who can help?

We have builds MVP based on which many of the entrepreneurs has secured their funding.  You can build MVP within 3 months. Feel free to reach out for more details.

We closely work with you and happy to share our experience, our business contacts and our technical expertise to make you successful. Because ultimate reason for us being in business is to make our client successful. We have helping our client in risk mitigation, cost control and planing product road maps.