Cost to Hire React Native Developer

React Native is great choice to Save app Development Cost

If you have already identified React Native for your app development than I would like to to say you have made indeed right choice.

React Native is great for developing mobile app for the various reason like single code base for both android and iOS app. Which ultimately result in reduced cost for development upto one half as compare to developing native app separately for Android and iOS.

There are many other advantage of choosing React Native for your mobile app development project but the most important reason is the cost benefit. As I have already mentioned the cost of the development can be reduced to one half with the the help of React Native. But story does not ends here.

Challenges with for using React Native

To get real advantage of cost saving with React Native you need to also take care of the many other aspects. For example,

What if developers cost is too high?

In this case whatever the cost you saved using react native would be spend on costly developers and you end of with where you was.

What if your apps take longer to finish?

If you hire inexperience react native developers they will take much time to finish your mobile apps. In this case as well if you are paying your developer on hourly basis than you will be loose your saved money.

So it very much clear that selecting the React Native is just the one of the great decision for saving cost, but at the same time you should make sure that you hire experienced react native developer at the reasonable cost.

Market Price of React Native Developer

Usually React Native developers rate decided on hourly basis. Market price of react native developers vary greatly. It may be somewhere between $10 to $100 per hour. This is indeed a vast difference and one should understand why this much variation is there.

As a entrepreneur you should understand why there is such a big difference between making a right choice.

Cost to Hire React Native developer is based on many factors as mentioned below. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. But what right choice for your business no one can tell you because each business is unique, each mobile app is unique and everyone of us has different opinion and different way of thinking.

So let’s understand factors affecting the cost of hiring react native developers in details so that you can make right decision for your project. Below is the detail description of each factors, their advantage and disadvantage.

Expertise of React Native Developer

Expertise on React Native and related technologies has huge impact on hourly rate of react native developers. One expert developer is equivalent to 10 junior or average developer on the project. Each project passes through technical challenges in their life cycle and Expert React Native developer can be savior. The cost of expert developer is too high somewhere in range of $80 to $100 per hour. However, you don’t need them for whole project development work. You need to use them very judiciously. Best way to utilize them is for deciding your technology stake, software architecture related decisions, engineering audit and coding guidelines. Best part is that you don’t need them for coding routine features and functionality. You should use them when your senior developers stuck and would have consumed very great amount on time on bugs. You can use them to fix some of the production bugs as well.

The crucial fact is that many of the React Native Developer would claim them as the Experts and it is very difficult to identify real one. I would suggest below thing to check how much expert are they.

  • Check their contribution opensource project
  • Check how many questions they have answered on Stackoverflow
  • Check their code repository on GitHub or BitBuckets
  • Check if they have delivered any talk to community events
  • Check if they have written any blog, articles or post and how many people have commented or liked their post.

Geographical Location of Developer

You can choose developer from across the world and that works because most of the time remote software development is possible in all the project.

You can choose developer from India, America, Europe and Ukraine.

Below is the quick comparison.

React Native Developer CostIndiaUSAUkrain
Monthy Days222222
Daily Hours888
Monthly Hours176176176
Per hour rate158030
Monthly Salary2640140805280
Yearly Salary3168016896063360


Cost to React Native Developer in India starts from $10 per hour.

You can Hire senior and experienced React Native developers in India for $2640 per month on $15 per hour.

Working Days in Month22
Daily Hours8
Monthly Hours176
Per Hour Rate15
Monthly Salary2640
Yearly Salary31680

Developers in India is much cheaper than any other country in the world. This is because of living cost in India is much less then Europe and America. Hourly cost of React Native developers in will be somewhere between $10 to $35 based on their experience and expertise.

So, Indian developers can bring lot of cost advantage to your project. India is known for their expertise in software development outsourcing since decades and preferred destination for all the IT companies in the world. So you can trust Indian developer for cost advantage for sure. However you should be take enough care before you make your final decision to choose one.

Many of the Software Development agency in India offers services like Hire Dedicated React Native Developer. This is the best option you can consider. They allow you choose the candidate from their already employed full time employee. This option is much better than hiring freelance react native developer because agency are more reliable than any single individual offering freelance service. They are legal entity and take care of the many thing behind the scene. They can replace the developer if you don’t find the one fit for your project.


Cost to Hire React Native Developer in America starts from $65 per hour.

You can get senior and experienced React Native developers in America for $14080 per month on $80 per hour.

More detail on rates of React Native Freelancer and Developers are available here.