Benefits of Hiring Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack Developer is the software engineer who can work on all the part of the project including back-end, front-end but not limited to that. This is kind of generalize profile where in engineer can pick up any task required to complete the project. In this article we are going discuss the benefits of hiring Full-Stack developer.

Who is Full-Stake Developer?

Full-stack development is generalized profile where in we expect engineer has broad skillset. Typically, if person has experience and expertise in all of the areas mentioned below than we can say he is the good Full-Stack Developer.

  1. He should have sufficient hands on knowledge on front end technologies like Mobile Application Development namely React Native, Android, iOS and Web Application Development like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular and/or React.
  2. Hands on experience in Back-end development technologies like REST API development using Laravel, Node.JS or using MVC C# or Java.
  3. He should be good in design and development of Database.
  4. Fair knowledge of continuous integration and deployment.
  5. Good in implementing overall architecture for whole project.
  6. He must have strong command on multiple language and framework.
  7. Should have several years of experience in working on end to end delivery of web and mobile product development project.

When Should you Hire a Full Stack Developer?

Full-stack developer are costly and not easily available in the market. Below are the scenario when Hiring Full-Stake Developer is very much beneficial for you from business point of view.

  • If you are developing MVP for your startups. Getting multiple candidate for different specialization is ideal for your MVP development.
  • When your project is in last phase delivery phase. Keeping specialist profile is not ideal in this case as you can’t predict enough work for each developer.

Benefits of hiring Full-Stack developer

There are many benefits of Hiring Full-Stack Developer. Below are some of them.

1. R ealize Ground breaking Features

Full-Stack Developers can help you implement exciting feature for you product from ground up and fix any issues surfaces during it. Unlike full team working on different part of the same feature and waste time in end to end integration full stack developer can take one feature at time and take full ownership until that feature is release in your product. This will make big difference and reduce time to market for your product.

2. Big Picture and Design Help

Full stake developers understand your project and product from 360 angle and hence can see big picture. He can foresee critical areas and work on it efficiently. They can provide you input in early stage of your product and can help you to devise strategy to devise solution.

3. Save Cost

you can save cost by hiring few developers who can work on multiple stuff rather hiring specialized expert working on one thing.

4. Full Ownership of feature

Full-stack developer can take ownership for full project as they know most of the thing rather than only own part of the project.

5. Easy Task Allocation

When you have full-stack developer in your team allocating and distributing task among team member is much easier as you can fully utilize your team member equally without worrying about their specialization.

6. Trouble Shooting become faster and easy

Full-stack developers are much faster and efficient in trouble shooting bugs and issues in your project. They can quickly identify root cause and fix it.

7. Easy Maintenance and Updates

Every project requires maintenance and support. As full-stack developer has generalized knowledge on all part of the tech stake in your project it is very easy for them to do upgrade project as and when require.


Hiring full-stack developer who can handle complex projects better, demonstrate enhanced efficiency, and he/she ensures the deadlines of your projects are met is indeed a good for any business.